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Antonio Onorato



Antonio Onorato eclectic musician, fertile and innovative composer, he entered by right in the history of the Italian guitar. In his 26 published albums he has been able to graft onto jazz-rock languages, the harmonic-melodic stylistic features of the Neapolitan tradition, blending them with African-American, Middle Eastern and Brazilian music, developing an original and ever-evolving style.
He is the only musician in the world to use the breath guitar, a revolutionary and futuristic instrument. He has played in prestigious festivals and theaters all over the world including the “Blue Note” in New York and has collaborated with Pino Daniele, Franco Cerri, Toninho Horta, James Senese, Gerald Cannon, Enrico Rava, just to name a few.



  • Antonio Onorato New Quartet
    a new interesting line-up with the Salerno pianist / keyboardist Alessandro La Corte and the Neapolitans Giuseppe Arena on bass and Mario De Paola on drums who will tour the characteristic Mediterranean solar sound of the Neapolitan guitarist. This time we start from the sounds of the first CD “Gaga” up to “Vesuvio Blues”, passing from Brazilian atmospheres to American Indians, from jazz to rock-blues, but with the Neapolitan melodic tradition always in the heart.Band:
    Antonio Onorato guitar, breath guitar
    Alessandro La Corte piano, keyboards
    Giuseppe Arena bass
    Mario De Paola drums
  • Antonio Onorato Trio
    an introspective journey around the world, in the countries where Antonio Onorato brought his music and where he confronted himself with different cultures. This musical journey starts from Napo to land in America, Africa and the Middle East, and then returns to southern Italy, where the guitarist-composer originates.
    Antonio Onorato proposes pieces from his discography and some personal reinterpretation of themes of the Neapolitan classical tradition and beyond.