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The Ritmikings & the Felinettes



The “RitmiKings & amp; The Felinettes ”were born in Milan in 2015 and, like ‘Bill Wyman’s Rhythm Kings’, side project of the former Stones bassist from whom they draw inspiration, boast a repertoire deeply rooted in the tradition of American rock.

Swing, rock n’roll, rhythm and blues and soul form the basis of their lineup, which mixes pieces by Elvis, Sinatra, Chuck Berry and Joe Cocker with lesser-known songs, offering an exciting and very engaging show.

Francesco Scalisi – Bass
Corrado Finetto – keyboards
Giorgio Scalisi – drums
Claudio Mantovani – guitar
Diego de Cesaris – vocals
Roberta Turolla – choir
Vania Colombo – choir
Loredana Pastori – choir



Short curriculum vitae of the members of the group

Giorgio Scalisi – Drums
Born in 1976, he began playing drums at sixteen, first as a self-taught person, then with a teacher in Catania. He made his debut in some grunge rock bands with which he made his bones in the Catania hinterland in the 90s. He moved to Monza in 2000 and wrote to the musical academy of Desio, where he perfected the technique with Francesco D’Auria. Since 2001 he has alternated his activity with the orchestra to collaborating with various bands, with which he plays genres ranging from psychedelic blues to rock, to funk, gaining over the years a long experience in clubs and dance halls in Milan and Brianza. He is currently divided between the RitmiKings & amp; the Felinettes and 4X4, disco / funk bands from the 70s and 80s.

Francesco Scalisi – Bass
He began playing the guitar at the age of twelve and in 1979 he joined his first cover band. At the age of fourteen he definitively switched to electric bass, which he played self-taught. From 1981 to 1983 he devoted himself exclusively to progressive rock and to the composition of unreleased songs. In 1985, with the RFF, he recorded unpublished pieces that Aldo Bagli, journalist and music critic, reviewed in Ciao 2001: “an incredible tape, made up of long and complex meditations on the instrument (…) very complex pieces arranged in a professional way and convincing (…) hallucinated and tortured, one of the best things heard up to this point “. He boasts collaborations with Maurizio “Gnola” Glielmo (Treves Blues Band), Piero Cassano (Matia Bazar) and Domenico Serafino. He is currently divided between the RitmiKings & amp; the Felinettes and 4X4, disco / funk bands from the 70s and 80s.

Claudio Mantovani: Guitarist
Guitarist with rock / blues tendencies with a warm and versatile sound. He has played with various groups active in the Milan area from the 70s to today, collaborating with important names in the Italian rock scene such as I Bisonti and the Daniel Santacruz Ensemble.
He has participated in numerous events and evenings together with well-known artists, including the Chameleons, the Dik Dik, Paki dei Nuovi Angeli, Giorgio Fico Piazza della PFM.

Corrado Finetto: Keyboard player
In his musical career he collaborated as a group with the Ribelli (Celentano), Patty Pravo, Nicola di Bari, the Stadio, and opened the evening at the Pooh . He participated in events with RAI’s Canzonissima dancers.

Diego De Ceseris: singer frontman
Versatile frontman with a histrionic personality, he approaches music by studying piano as a child, then moving on to the guitar. He became passionate about singing around the age of twenty, and perfected the technique by studying with Fiorella Zito. Between the end of the 90s and the first two thousand he played in various formations, accumulating a vast live experience. In 2005 with Vappa, a funk-rock formation, he released Funk Bazar, an album that met with some critical success. A long tour follows that touches some of the most prestigious stages in Italy. Since 2010 he has collaborated with various formations, venturing into genres ranging from jazz, to blues, to alternative rock.

“The Felinettes”

Loredana Pastori: chorister / soloist
Singer with a classical training with a sophisticated voice, he studied piano for about 8 years and then began to devote himself to singing with activities in various polyphonic and gospel choirs. She studied vocal technique with the teachers Loretta Martinez (vocal coach of Amici di Maria de Filippi) and Elena Bonanata (vocal coach of the Tour Music Fest and teacher at the CET of Mogol), in addition to having attended several seminars on choral technique and improvisation with M ° Albert Hera (collaborator of Bobby Mc Ferrin). He has participated in live evenings and studio choir recordings for various artists. With the vocal trio “The Felinettes” he participated in a singing competition and finished third.

Vania Colombo: backing vocalist / soloist
Singer with a powerful blues voice, she began singing as a child, participating in the selections for the Zecchino D’oro. He has participated in several singing competitions as a soloist with unreleased pieces, including in Sanremo Giovani in 1996. He recorded and produced 3 cd of unreleased tracks and rearranged covers in disc form. He currently works as a vocalist / chorister for unreleased songs and covers in the Pop Life recording studio in Milan. He has various musical collaborations both as a chorister and as a soloist. With the vocal trio “The Felinettes” he participated in a singing competition and finished third.

Roberta Turolla: chorister / soloist
Singer with a warm timbre, she studied singing with Carola Caruso, Monserrat Sanrome and currently with Fiorella Zito with whom she studies jazz singing. She graduated in modern singing, and is currently studying piano with Maestro Mimmo Valente. He has had experiences in several choirs. In 2000 he collaborated in the recording of improvised choral parts in some pieces of a CD published by Red Edizioni entitled “Canto Armonico” released in 2001 throughout Europe. He has various experiences as a soloist in various groups, and has a jazz quintet with Mimmo Valente / Giorgio Di Tullio / Jazan Greselin / Tonino De Sensi and another jazz / bossa quartet formation. With the vocal trio “The Felinettes” he participated in a singing competition and finished third.