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AB Quartet


A.B.Quartet was born in 2009 as an experimental project. After a first period with each time different formations that alternated around the leader and pianist Antonio Bonazzo, in 2015 the quartet reached the current lineup with Francesco Chiapperini (clarinet & amp; bass clarinet), Cristiano Da Ros (double bass) and Fabrizio Carriero ( drums & percussion), all interesting musicians from the Milanese underground jazz scene.

The four musicians come from different musical experiences but together they create something unforgettable, a style in which the echoes of different musical styles are mixed, leaving the listener with the memory of this music for days. The ABQ project has received acclaim in various concert situations mainly in Italy and Switzerland and has evolved by perfecting its unique sound until the launch of the first studio album “OUTSIDING”, recorded in the studio in July 2016 and released by Soundiva. The pieces are mainly written but provide ample space for both single and collective improvisation.

In August 2020 the band released the album “I flat are blue”, a project born in 2018, on the occasion of the centenary of the death of Claude Debussy and based on music arrangements by the great French composer. The original themes, as if they were jazz standards, are treated with a certain freedom but even when they are hidden or only hinted at, they still echo the unmistakable atmosphere of Debussy. “The flats are blue” represents the culmination of the artistic experience of the pianist and leader Antonio Bonazzo who with this project once again wants to test his musical genius by paying homage to one of the most important musicians of all time.

La formazione

Antonio Bonazzo – pianista
Francesco Chiapperini – clarinetto & clarinetto basso
Cristiano Da Ros – contrabbasso
Fabrizio Carriero – batteria & percussioni



– quartet with experimental jazz repertoire