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Alex De Santis


In 2012 he took part in the Colorado broadcast with the character of Maestro Cristian Catenato, an employee of the stage who was able to desecrate any artistic virtuosity with his simplicity. In 2005 he founded the comic group “The Snails”, together with Marco Bazzoni, Marzio Rossi and Carlo della Santa. Teamwork allows all members to achieve important results and to participate in various television programs including Caffè Teatro Cabaret, Comedy Central, Colorado Cafè.

Since 2005 he has worked alongside Marco Bazzoni as BAZ’s comic shoulder, contributing to the maturation and affirmation of the character at national level, winning 10 prizes in as many competitions and accompanying him in live shows and television appearances (Rai 2, Canale 5). Since 1997 he has attended the most important cabaret stages (La Corte dei Miracoli, Caffè Teatro Cabaret, Rockhouse, Circolone), staging his own show in which his monologues find space, interspersed with a parterre of bewildered and unpredictable characters and obtaining numerous awards in national competitions. Previously he worked for ten years as an animator in the tourist villages and as a comic actor in the theaters (“I Legnanesi” dialect company) and in the television production “Scherzi a parte”.

“Animali da palco”
by and with Alex De Santis

Who are the stage animals?
What drives a man to get involved in front of others?
But above all why do the others, much more wisely, sit in an armchair?

Discovering the animal instinct that makes us assist, excite, exhibit and be protagonists on a stage as in life.

The show by Alex De Santis, a comedian who calls himself “first generation Milanese” there will be time travel, from homo sapiens to the whole homo smartphone, passing through music, poetry, world languages ​​and Italian dialects. There is no shortage of incursions by his characters, first of all the master Cristian Catenato, already seen among the protagonists of Colorado.

The show follows a reference canvas that also foresees the possible presence of a different special Guest in each performance, or an actor / comedian who actively participates in the realization of some passages of the story. The performances will therefore, in part, always be different since there will be room for improvisation and interaction with the public that “will never be left alone”.