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Dhany, pseudonym of Daniela Galli is an Italian singer. She has cooperated with bands such as KMC and Benassi Bros. Her voice is influenced by soul and R&B rhythms, which makes the electronic songs of Benassi Bros very successful, thanks to her rare tone of voice which has led her to be called one of the best white soul voices of the international dance scene.

Before the Benassi Bros, Dhany collaborated with the KMC group (with Benny Benassi), making two singles: Somebody To Touch Me in 1995 and Street Life in 1996, which met with considerable success in the clubs. Parallel to his collaboration with KMC, Dhany released Yo Quiero Respirar in the fall of 1999, which soon became a hit in Latin America, followed by the album of the same name. But it reached the peak of success in the spring of 2000 when, together with the Mumm project, created by Davide Riva and Federico Riccò, he released the single I Wanna Be Free, reaching the top of several dance music charts. In the autumn of the same 2000, it was the turn of Shut Up, with which the singer managed to place herself considerably in the dance scene, especially in Germany and the Netherlands.
In 2001 the KMC song, entitled I Feel So Fine, was released, sung by Dhany which got an excellent place in the charts. Also in the same year, Run To Me was also released, made with Al Ben (title taken from the album Phobia, by Benassi Bros). After these continued successes in the international dance scene, Dhany lent his voice to the Italian pop music group Links, and also went on tour with them.

A very important turning point soon took place in his already brilliant career: the Benassi Bros project (Benny Benassi and Alle Benassi), in which Dhany collaborated in the writing of the songs contained in Pumphonia, the first Benassi Bros album, released in 2004. On 12 tracks , 10 were written by Dhany, and one was also sung by her. We remember the main hits, such as Illusion (feat. Sandy) and Hit My Heart (feat. Dhany).

Following the huge success of Pumphonia, the Benassi Bros returned with their second album, Phobia. Dhany devoted himself both to writing most of the lyrics (8 titles out of 12) and also sang 4 of the songs on the album, Make Me Feel, Every Single Day, Somebody To Touch me, and Run To Me. this second album was Make Me Feel, which quickly achieved good positions in the dance charts, followed by Every Single Day. After the stunning success of Every Single Day, it was the turn of Rocket In The Sky, always sung by her.

In 2006, Dhany released his second solo album entitled E-Motions, from which the singles Miles Of Love, Let It Go and You & I are taken. to perform on prestigious stages around the world. Since 2009 Dhany has collaborated with numerous Italian and international producers, creating a vast discography in the house progressive genre present in the Beatport charts and in the Italian and European club charts.

Daniela Galli proposes herself as Dhany in a show (usually for discos) which consists of a mini show of 20/25 minutes in which 3 songs of the production made with Benny Benassi will be performed and possibly a medley of 90s dance classics (such as Snap -Rhythm is a dancer, Haddaway-What is love, Robin S-Show me love), all on base.