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Gigi Cifarelli

From the mid 80s until almost all the 90s with the release of the first 2 CDs of his production, his guitar appears at the top in most of the musical spaces, both in the jazz and funky and in the pop one, collaborating in several CDs by Mina, Renato Zero, Tullio De Piscopo, Dirotta su Cuba and many other leading singers in the Italian pop music scene, become the darling and a model to follow for many young Italian guitarists, magazine readers in fact, for five consecutive years, specialized experts elect “best jazz and fusion guitarist”, something that does not happen again in the following years because it is not classified to be able to vote and give prestige to other emerging talents.

In 95 he was invited by Marcel Dadi to the festival “les nuits de la guitare” in France and took on an international dimension by going on the same stage as John Scofield’s Philipe Caterine Toots Thielemans Mike Stern Bireri Lagrene and arousing esteem and admiration everywhere, as well as for his great musical energy also for his great verve and sympathy, this in the following years makes him choose to even become the Godfather of the festival of Sete sur Mere in the south of France where he performed in that year with Bireli Lagrene and with Silvan Luc and where he will return twice more meeting Pat Metheney and other great names, he also participates in the Marseille festival and in Toulouse he shares the evening and the stage with Scott Henderson.
Then he performs a beautiful concert in trio in Paris with Philipe Caterine and Bireli Lagrene receiving a standing ovation from the Parisian public, then he is invited back to Patrimonio where, in addition to his quartet, he plays in a duo with Bireli Lagrene opening Larry Carlton’s evening. French dedicates him a special of an hour, in short, France was adopting him and really appreciating so much.

But his always wanting to not subject to any constraint and regulate it makes him move away from certain dynamics and the passion for cycling often makes him refuse things that would prevent him from training and competing … not to believe but it is so. In 2000, an extraordinary CD was released for BMG entitled “with the eyes of a child” which re-charged him at the head of many rankings both in terms of sales and liking, and the thing that Gigi loved most was playing live and doing nights anywhere without never subtile and formalize, something that is seen by many as a limit and a lowering of one’s level, but it is among the people and playing for them that becomes irresistible, both for what it does and for how it does and arises, the his evenings are gatherings of people who enjoy smiling and enjoying music and feelings.

In this period he makes several concerts with a superlative singer with whom there is an extraordinary agreement Carl Anderson the late Judas of Jesus Christ Superstar. In recent years he has participated in many things playing in different contexts, collaborating with Mike Stern Pat Martino and Larry Carlton in teaching situations thanks to the Academy of Sound and sharing the stage with Tommy Emmanuel in Monteroduni at the Eddie Lang Jazz Festival. In 2008 he received the Enriquez prize, a coveted theatrical award that was given to a musician for the first time with the following motivation: for his commitment and artistic coherence combined with a great communicative power.

In the same year he recorded his last live CD, in a place very dear to Gigi and to the Milanese nights’ audience the “Scimmie”, the album came out in 2009 and found a lot of support and revealed a very personal guitarist, with his own touch and with a way of making music and playing identabilissimi and unique orami. Above all, the spirit of joy and fun that Gigi establishes both on stage and with the public and also the particularly successful choice of blending jazzy atmospheres with Italian tradition, very evocative is the version of E se domani paired with Aida Cooper and overwhelming the journey in tradition with “O sole mio” “My bela Madunina” and “Rome non fa la stupida”

In the last year he has toured Italy several times and with different formations presenting most of these things and even next summer we will see him in various festivals and locations scattered around the Peninsula. In 2012 he presented a project aimed at celebrating the 70th anniversary of a great interpreter of the genre that Gigi loves, that is George Benson, bringing it around with a great response from the public and presenting it with great success with great success at the Gru Village festival, now an established event. which has hosted incredible international names since 2006, such as Zawinul Gino Vannelli Yellow Jackes Toots Thielemans Take 6 Mike Stern John McLaughlin Michel Camilo Ivan Lins and Eric Marienthal. He returned later in 2013 to meet George Benson and make their guitars cross. A beautiful song with Ubi Behboudi entitled “Sizzle” is also released on Itunes. It is placed in 3rd position in the standings, a great result for a song that is not sung and only instrumental. He is currently playing so much around and everywhere, that it remains the thing that Gigi loves to do more than any other, especially in small clubs and in the most “pop” places those where his communicative and showman qualities are exalted to the maximum. He is also thinking about a new recording project.

It is available in different formations from trio to quintet depending on the type of location and event.
It offers different types of concerts. Gigi’s shows are always unpredictable, ideas are often born on the spot and based on the feeling he feels towards the public, the climate and the type of relationship that can be created with people: Gigi is an artist who strongly believes in synergy that can be created between musicians and listeners. Each concert is always a new concert.

“Once upon a time there was the Wes”

A show dedicated to one of his greatest reference points in the jazz field, Wes Montgomery, born in March 1921. The concert will focus on historical pieces from Wes’s repertoire, but also on choices related to his influences, such as the story of George Benson, great heir of Wes, whom the artist has met and frequented several times and with whom he has always had great empathy.

“Thinking my great friend George”

A show dedicated to one of the guitarists to whom he feels most connected thanks to their common great passion for Wes Montgomery, who for both was the absolute reference point. The concert will focus on historical pieces from George Benson’s repertoire, but also on choices related to his influences, including compositions by Gigi who met and frequented Mr. Benson and with whom he has always had great empathy.

“My Beatles”

Show born from the great passion of the artist for the famous Liverpool band where the songs of the Fab Four have been rearranged by the artist in a completely original way in a jazz key.

“Original Composition”

You cannot miss a show entirely of unreleased songs with the original songs of Gigi’s CDs to demonstrate the great creative and compositional skills of one of our local jazz masters.