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Giordano Gambogi

During the first years of his life, with his family, he moved around the world living in Adelaide (Australia), Livorno and San Francisco (USA) until, at the turn of the seventies and eighties, he finally stopped in Reggio Emilia .

Throughout his career he has experimented with music in all its aspects. He was born artistically as a singer and self-taught guitarist playing in the clubs of Reggio Emilia as soon as sixteen. Crescendo perfects his skills by experimenting in the covers of the fathers of funk, world soul and rock.

In 1989 he met Jenny B, with whom he formed a first musical group. His career achieved a great success in 1993, when he became the voice of the Bicycle Thieves on the Tre album tours. From 1992 to 2009 he entered the world market reaching the top of sales in the Japanese market, experimenting with the Eurobeat genre and recording more than a hundred singles for Time Records and Avex Trax. In 1998 he took part in Daniele’s musical Sala Music boxing Lice Show, in 2000 he participated in the Mediolanum tour Electric show, also by Daniele Sala, as protagonist with Heather Parisi and the Strano ma vero program, with Gene Gnocchi and Cristina Parodi.

His passion for theater led him in 2004 to play the character of Quasimodo in the second official cast of the musical Notre-Dame de Paris by Riccardo Cocciante.

Returns to the purely musical world in 2009, singing with the Nomads for the album and the tour In the mirror. As part of the second edition of the International Good Candy Festival, he was awarded the “Good Voices” award for the fight against pedophilia. Also in 2009 he collaborated with Mario Biondi in the If album, awarded with three platinum records. The album contains the single Love Dreamer of which Giordano Gambogi is the author and composer and the song Everlasting Harmony of which he is the composer. The collaboration with Biondi is repeated in 2011 with the album Due and the national tour in which the duo canine Biondi / Gambogi is presented with the title Dreaming, of which Gambogi is also the author and composer. In 2012 he plays the tenor voice in Vasco Rossi’s album The other half of the sky.

Currently Giordano is engaged in the recording studio for the production of his first solo pop-rock album, performs activities of artistic and executive productions, guitar courses and modern singing.

It lends itself as a voice for various studio shifts and presents in its various venues and theaters of Italy its own repertoire deriving from its long experience in the concert field, proposing different shows: “the history of world pop rock” in acoustic, with formation that goes from two to more elements, “Disco 70/80 soul and funk” show, and “The voices of Notre Dame”. This is the representation of the most important “arias” of the musical performed by some of the official cast actors of Notre Dame de Paris in Italy. The singers alternate on stage, which is scenically accompanied by the projection of numerous images that serve as a recollection of memory of all the musicals and moments of “traveling” life of the singers, the viewer traces the history of the most beautiful show in the world, the MUSICAL.