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Green Ale – Tribute Band dei Green Day

The GreenAle show is an explosion of energy that, from the first to the last minute, tries to involve the audience, making them feel part of the concert. The repertoire traces the history of Green Day from the debut album Dookie to the last single Back in the USA.

The band shows a characteristic clothing, which wants to remember faithfully (or almost) the American rock band. The refinement of the sounds, the professionalism in the execution of the songs as well as the image (as described above), are not a copy of the original, but want to be a worthy tribute to a band that, since the mid-90s, continues to thrill and inflict different generations who love the punk-rock genre. The band is composed of experienced musicians who can boast many years of LIVE.

GreenAle Tribute band is composed of: Fabio Francia (vocals + guitar) Davide Mengoli (guitar) Daniele D’amico (guitar) Simone Scottuzzi (bass) Enrico Savadori (drums) The GreenAle LIVE-SHOW, adapts to any type of location . From the biggest stages of the classic summer festivals (festivals, beer festivals, village festivals, etc.) to the PUBs and clubs of all kinds.