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I colori dei pensieri – Pooh Tribute Band


After various individual musical experiences in clubs in Milan and its hinterland with rock music, blues, percussion etc., the band found its current and definitive composition in 2011 with the entry of the lead voice of Piero Sciascia (voice of Facchinetti) and Fabrizio Boi, today the irreplaceable heart for arrangements and the IT/musical part of the group.

Pooh tribute band project
In 2013 they were called to be part of the “Pooh tribute band project”, a project conceived and created by Red Canzian, bassist of the famous band, in which 24 tribute bands were chosen for the recording of a song which was then part of a double album placed commercially for sale. The song chosen and recorded was “Great Hopes” presented by Pooh in 1983. The double CD was published in April 2014.
The concert we present retraces Pooh’s career from the 70s to today with the most well-known and significant songs sung and played strictly live. The show, which lasts 2 and a half hours, is accompanied by light effects to support the show, where possible by mounting adequate structures (American) and lights (moving heads).

Line up:
Piero Sciascia – keyboard and vocals
Fabrizio Boi – Arrangements, keyboard and vocals
Roberto Scerbo – Drum and vocals
Rocco Contarino – Bass and vocals
Erminio Carotenuto – Guitar and vocals