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Ilaria Deangelis



Ilaria was born in Spoleto, the city of the Festival dei 2 Mondi and where her curiosity for music and theater began. At 16, chosen by Radio 101, she recorded the compilation “Il mondo è la mia città” and toured all of Italy with the “Clio on tour”, produced by Renault and Radio 101.
In 2002 he took part in the musical comedy “Finally getting married” with music by M. Paulicelli and directed by M. Lapi.
In 2003/2004 her debut in cinema with the role of Martina, co-protagonist of the film “In love with death”, directed by R. A. Fratter.
Also in 2003 Riccardo Cocciante chooses her for his work “Notre Dame de Paris” (David Zard production), where she will be Fiordaliso in the various tours until 2009.
In the same year she sang in the rock guise of Pia de Tolomei, for Gianna Nannini’s tour “Pia come la canto io”, produced by D. Zard.
In 2008 she was hired by the TSA for the role of Emma in the Italian version of the musical “Jekyll & Hyde”. In 2009 he went on stage with the recital “Life on Stage”, inspired by the life of Bob Fosse, written and directed by Virna Bonesi.
From 2010 to 2012 she was Angelica in the musical comedy “Casanova”, written and directed by D. Martini and produced by Pierre Cardin. Soon after she will be Ersilia in the modern work “Rome and the legendary twins” by E. Sebastiano and S. Martino, directed by M. Simeoli.
In 2012 he was among the protagonists of the comedy “I Seduttori”, written, directed and produced by Teo Mammucari.
In 2013 she played Ophelia, one of her dearest roles, in “Hamlet”, a musical drama by D. Martini, produced in Italy and in Paris by Pierre Cardin.
In the 2013/2014 season she was the protagonist of the musical “Ghost”, directed by S. Genovese, in the role of Molly. In May 2014 she participated in the staging of “Beatrice Cenci” by S. Martino and G. Cartellà, directed by D. Lepore, in the role of Claudia. Also in 2014 it was Elisabeth, the female voice of “Dirty Dancing the musical” staged at the National Theater. Subsequently she was the protagonist of the one woman show “Let me sing”, which she wrote and directed together with V. Bonesi. She then played the role of Maria in the musical film “Il primo papa” with music by Stefano Govoni and Tony Labriola, the same authors for whom she then directed the musical “Il Libro della Giungla” (on tour from 2016 to 2022 ) and “The Little Mermaid, Ariel Returns” (on stage in 2019).

In 2022 she plays the role of the perfidious Morgana for the show “Artù” opera musical, written by S. Martino and F. Antimiani, produced by the Teatro Gloria in Montichiari and directed by Giacomo Andrico.
Still as director in 2022 he staged the off-Broadway musical “The Story of My Life” written by Neil Bartram and Brian Hill, currently still on tour in Italian theaters.

In 2023 she is in the cast of the show “If I ever need you I’ll let you know” which debuted on March 8 at the Teatro De Sica in Peschiera Borromeo (MI) playing 5 different female characters in an exciting story to reflect on the difficulties and facets of the incredible world that every woman brings with her.