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Italian Swing Frequency

The musical project took shape in 2010 by professional musicians who proposed themselves as a group of street artists, but the first consensus, contacts and engagements arrived immediately. To date they are engaged in various professional and musical contexts, including the fixed Sunday brunch event at the Hotel Principe di Savoia (Milan) and an always full and varied agenda. The repertoire covers standard Swing and Jazz songs, those that characterized a historical period of American and Italian music from the 1930s onwards.

The founders of the project are: Marcello Della Giovanna (saxophone), Neapolitan, studies at the conservatory of San Pietro a Majella, under the guidance of maestro Andrea Pace, then undertakes the study of Jazz and the American swing tradition, obtaining a degree in Saxophone and teaching of music at the G.Verdi Conservatory in Milan. Francesco Cafagna (double bass) was born in Milan, with a classical approach but with a decidedly Jazz temperament, he trained in the most prestigious musical academies of Lombardy. He graduated from the Civic School and currently plays double bass in various big bands.



– Power SWING Trio composed of Sax-Double Bass-Drums, for a rhythmic 1930s style sound

– Classic Swing Trio composed of Guitar/voice-Sax-Double bass, a formation with an infinite repertoire

– Swing Rock&Roll Quartet Guitar/voice-Sax-Double bass-Drums for a complete band capable of playing from Swing Jazz to Rock&Roll