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Max Pisu




The restrictions that the theater sector will have to face next season will most likely force the theaters themselves, unfortunately, to renounce the programming of more economically “demanding” shows. Shows that would have seen during the entire season even the same Max engaged with two comedies that in recent months have met with enormous success, both from critics and audiences, “The dinner of the cretins” and “Desperate housewares”.

Thus, Max proposes his One man show for the theaters.


Max Pisu – his “One man show”

It is a show in which we find a multiform Max Pisu who with his comedy ranging from romantic to naive, sometimes becomes cynical, in others, surreal. With his style, always polite, he analyzes everyday life without neglecting, of course, the period that we have just faced and that we are living, alternating fantasy and reality in a very personal and fun way, underlining now more than ever how extraordinary the everyday is, even passing through the obviousness, true or false, of many “clichés”.

Monologues that seem however dialogues. Dialogues with the other, imaginary but present, or rather, absent but probably there. What lets us talk and, listening to us, unmasks our hidden cynicism, makes our words sound ridiculous, even comic, but perhaps tragic so many of the thoughts that generate them. A fun show, new in its contents in which, however, the greeting of his historical character Tarcisio will not be missing, whom the general television audience has known as a fervent frequenter of parishes and trips to Lourdes, a little … “strange “, but, on balance, absolutely not describable as a loser who, with his naivety and his childish wickedness, made audiences laugh all over Italy. In this case, Tarcisio, like many others, in this phase, has become a real cooking expert at home and will give us very personal recipes.

There will be great news, such as the parody of an “angry” Francesco Guccini who, out of time, returns to sing improbable songs of protest against the “system”. In the meantime, we will listen to the reflections of two elderly people (already protagonists in the show “Amnesie”) in the period of lockdown, where the desire to forget all the problems while chatting with friends in front of a construction site, under a contradictory mask, still exists.