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Mi Love

I like Milan. Place of birth of the project and origin of the artists involved.

Love as a reminder of the world of emotions.

A capital “M” that speaks of Music.

An “L” that refers to literature.

The fusion of two worlds makes for a true declaration of love … for Art. In all its forms

A format that comes from the encounter between Music, Literature and visual arts. Common thread: EMOTIONS. Those that arise from reading, from listening to a musical piece. A collage-puzzle of fragments (musical and literary) for a project that combines the literary production of the writer Letizia Cherubino with the jazz repertoire of the Fononazionalis.

The reading of the pieces is entrusted to interpreters and actors. The scenic painting is completed by vernissages, artists’ and pictorial exhibitions of Artisti. Collaborations, guests and special guests in a game of continuous references. A multi-artistic “jam-session” as a celebration of beauty in all its forms. A “show” in its most complete meaning. An alternation of music and reading texts in a harmonious and engaging summit.

The theme chosen, which is the main theme of the evening, is that of FEELINGS.

The goal is to take the audience by the hand to give them a space full of multisensory emotions.

Mi Love is represented by:


Author of the texts and glue of words during the evening


Actor, performer, voice


Paola Atzeni, voice and transverse flute, Marco Bianchi, piano, Marco Mangelli, bass and Eugenio Mori, drums