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OÀh – Emotional concert in the dark

The “Emotional Concert in the Dark”, created by the OÀh trio, is a unique experience which aims to enhance the effect of music and singing on the well-being of the person.
This extraordinary project allows, in the momentary suspension of visual perception, to open the doors to deeper listening. In an atmosphere of total sensorial immersion, this experience transforms the way we perceive and appreciate music, providing unforgettable emotions.
Listening to the concert takes place in complete darkness, so the listener can let go of his emotions, perceiving his body and the vibrations that resonate in it, activating a “healing” process also favored by the 432Hz tuning of the instruments, in connection with the heart chakra.

Paola Selva and Andrea Maurizio on guitars and Elena Pontini on singing will accompany the spectator on a musical journey composed of specially created songs, which follow one another in a path that becomes an internal journey.