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Omar Pedrini



Omar Pedrini was born in Brescia on May 28, 1967. He makes himself known in the musical environment for being the leader of Timoria from the beginning to the indefinite break announced by the group in 2003. However, he has numerous activities outside the band, starting with artistic direction since 1997 of Brescia Music Art, festival of contamination between the arts.
His solo debut was in 1996, with BEATNIK, released when his band was in full swing. In 2004 VIDOMAR comes out, anticipated by the participation in Sanremo with the song “Lavoro useless”.

In June 2004, on the eve of the tour, Pedrini suffered the rupture of an aneurysm and was hospitalized and urgently operated. The convalescence of the disease took him away from the scene for some time: he began to deal with music again in 2005, appearing in summer festivals, and directing the Valtrompia MUSIC Art festival.

After engaging in parallel activities (television author, lecturer at the Master in Musical Communication of the Catholic University), Omar returns to the music he played in 2006, starting to work on a new record. BREAD, BUTTER AND MEDICINE sees the light in May 2006, published by the historic Carosello label.
In 2009 he made a song for the soundtrack of the film by Pupi Avati “The youngest son” in which he also plays a cameo. On June 23, 2010 a new album called LA CAPANNA DELLO ROCK ROCK is released, a sort of collection with two unreleased tracks. Three years later, CHE CI VADO A FARE A LONDON? Is released, released in January 2014 and anticipated by the single of the same name.

Omar Pedrini offers two shows suitable for theaters, squares, but also more intimate situations with the acoustic duo:

  • Omar Pedrini from Timoria to today
    Omar retraces his career interpreting the songs written for his Timoria up to the most recent songs, written and sung as a soloist. The “simplicity” of the acoustic structure allows him to also interpret, often improvising, songs by Italian and foreign authors. who influenced him or by reciting poems, reading a few pages of books. The evening is not limited to a tribute to Timoria, but to a journey into the artistic and musical life of the former front man of the group who alternates musical moments with recited fragments, telling and telling himself to the public. Duration: An hour and a half (including bis)
  • Omar Pedrini in acoustic duo with Simone Zoni
    During the evening Omar Pedrini tells us and tells us the highlights of his life and career, alternating words and songs, a real journey through his music and the readings from “Cane Sciolto” or “Angelo Ribelle”, autobiographical books in acoustic duo with Simone Zoni.