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Peppe Santangelo

Giuseppe “Peppe” Santangelo is a saxophonist, flautist and professional composer.
Born in Sciacca, he fell in love with the saxophone at the age of 14 and began studying as a self-taught, on jazz records. Over the years he has been followed by great masters (such as the saxophonist Orazio Maugeri first and Giulio Visibelli then) specializing in the Sax and Flute.

While studying the saxophone in all its aspects, he followed the Musicology courses at the University of Palermo, graduating with a Musicological thesis on Jazz in 2007. During his last university year he moved to Milan to continue his studies and perfect himself at the Civica Jazz , where he immediately joined the Civic Orchestra, very active on the national territory and stable formation in the concert seasons of the Piccolo di Milano.

There he plays the role of first tenor in the section, playing with great guests such as Enrico Rava, Fabrizio Bosso, Jimmy Heath, Percy Heath, Massimo Nunzi, Paolo Silvestri and many other great exponents of jazz. Graduated in sax in 2010, he participates in various festivals around Italy and also contests, with a great response from the public and critics.

He then begins to compose his own music, building it around philosophy, the search for being understood as self, numerology and in general everything that is defined in jargon as esotericism, in the sense of unknown or secret. To date, there are many active collaborations in Italy and abroad, and his strong compositional vein has led him to already compose 4 albums in his name and to have 4 more in the pipeline for publication in the coming years: all albums already writings that are part of a cycle of works. Among these, two of his original projects stand out, L’Apramada Project and the Peppe Santangelo Nu Quartet, both directed and composed by him.



– Passing from a jazz, pop, blues repertoire to swing, Santangelo is available in various formations, from single to duo to trio to quartet with or without vocals