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Pop history

From the collaboration of the musician Carlo Cialdo Capelli (who has collaborated among many with Giorgio Gaber and Lucio Dalla) and the critic and music historian Enzo Gentile, this exciting project was born, inspired by Gentile’s own books, including “Onda suonda – Stories and songs of Italian summers” (2021) and by the countless “Pop Dictionaries” drawn up over the years. A journey of music and words dedicated to summer hits and songs that have populated the charts from the 60s to the present day. The imaginative and eccentric pianist Carlo Cialdo Capelli accompanies Gentile’s stories in music in this entertaining historical and customary digression from the history of Italian Pop.

Carlo Cialdo Capelli

He began his activity at the Bologna Conservatory in the electronic music course. His main attitude is to work with electronic technologies, preferring a theatrical relationship with the public. The theater seems to be his natural point of reference, even in his rare “solo piano” concerts, and in fact he dedicates much of his energy to the theatre, writing stage music and creating shows as a soloist. He made his debut as a professional musician in 1973, accompanying pop music singers (Mia Martini, Lucio Dalla, Ornella Vanoni, Paolo Conte, Giorgio Gaber) for about ten years, in the meantime taking his first steps in the world of theater together with his friend Eros Drusiani . Encouraged by Nino Belgrano, he works on music teaching projects in schools, and conducts seminars and internships on the topics of musical ecology, electronic and electroacoustic music, technologies applied to music, and on the topic of musical work in elementary schools. Since then he has specialized in composing and staging works with children and for children.
In recent years he has begun to conceive graphic scores, taking up in a condensed manner his “Mnemonic Scores” of the 1980s. The work resulted in the collection “Musica in Segni”. These scores were exhibited for the first time in 2022 at the “Naturamente Pianoforte” festival.

Enzo Gentile

He has worked in music as a critic and historian since the mid-1970s. He made his debut on the radio, and then collaborated with «la Repubblica», «Il Mattino», «L’Europeo», «Epoca», «Panorama», «Linus», «Ciak», «Rolling Stone» and many other publications. He works with theatres, festivals and institutions. He has collaborated with RadioRai, Radio Popolare, Radio24 and has participated in various television programs. He took care of the artistic direction of various events including “Suoni e Visioni”, “Music club”, “Naturally piano”. He is a professor at the Master’s in Musical Communication at the Catholic University of Milan. He has written and published over 35 books among which we remember “Enzo Jannacci, Ecco tutto qui” (2023), Dizionario del pop-rock (2000), Amico Faber (2018), The story of life – The last days of Jimi Hendrix ( 2020), Wave after wave – Stories
and songs of the Italian summers (2020) and many others.