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Raccolta Rock Band



The Collezione Rock Band was born around the mid-90s exactly in 1993 with the name “Greatest hits” from an idea of ​​Gigi Raguseo, Fabrizio Malgioglio and Franco Malgioglio, when the tour of the Cover Bands was not yet so widespread and present.

The Collezione Rock Band proposes a Rock & Soul repertoire especially in the province of Milan, Marche, Tuscany, Switzerland. With the relatively recent entry of Di Gerry Aventino and with years of experience behind him, the address of the Band has undergone a real passionate impulse towards what are the standards of 70s 80s rock (Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Ac / Dc, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Boston etc.) producing a repertoire full of energy, but also full of atmospheres and ballads typical of the 70s and 80s.

In 2013 they celebrated their 20 years of rock at Area 21 in Milan with a great AC / DC & Led Zeppelin tribute.



The Rock Band Collection have two different repertoires:

  • Led Zeppelin tribute band
  • Tribute band from AC / DC


Gigi Raguseo – voice and drums
Fabrizio Malgioglio – voice and guitar
Franco Malgioglio – bass and vocals
Enzo Morfini – guitar
Gerry Aventino – bass and vocals