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Ruben Minuto



Ruben Minuto was born in Milan in October 1970. He began playing professionally in the now distant 1985. Although still young, he has gained a great deal of experience grinding dates and kilometers and performing on countless stages.
Appreciated sideman, he accompanies many American songwriters to Europe who rely on his profound knowledge of American sound language. Among others we remember Ashleigh Flynn, Don DiLego, Ian Foster, Tony Trishcka, Jayne Kelly, Kellie Rucker and Steve Arvey.

Ruben is one of the very few Italian artists to be able to count among his experiences both the participation in the CHICAGO Blues Festival in 2008, the year in which he was voted by the CHICAGO BLUES MAGAZINE: “ARTIST OF THE WEEK” as well as the presence at the OWENSBORO (KY ) BLUEGRASS IBMA FESTIVAL in 2001, thus proving to be a complete and multifaceted artist.



A TASTE OF AMERICA is Ruben’s tribute to the music that has accompanied him throughout his life.
It is a journey through the most important sounds and productions of American popular music.
COUNTRY MUSIC – SONGWRITING – SOUTHERN ROCK- BLUE GRASS- WEST COAST- ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY- BLUES – SWING are the stages of this incredible journey in the company of flat guitars, banji, mandolins, double basses, vocal harmonies and a great desire to share emotions and stories that are intertwined with those of the socio-cultural fabric of the United States since the beginning of the last century.

Ruben will be on stage with his enthusiasm and the desire to tell and tell about this long journey along which he will be accompanied from time to time by many friends.
An Electric Band, a Blue Grass quartet, a West Coast trio that will remember the undying music from the west coast of the USA with particular attention to the Harmonies of authors such as Crosby Stills and Nash or the Eagles, Sounds of Lap Steel Guitars.
Weepy blues and many original songs will be interspersed with amusing anecdotes, references to the varied world of American literature that so many times has interfaced with the music and the lives of our heroes.
There will also be food for thought and dialogue.