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Rufus band




On the scene for several years and a regular guest of the best live music venues, and street parties, this band presents a real show, where the singers disguise themselves as the most famous characters of world pop.

Thus, through the different characters, they tell you the history of music of the last half century. From the classics of the 50s / 60s, passing through the seventies (rock soul, funk), to touch a little bit of the 80s, and up to the top ten of the moment.



complete training with costume changes for a show full of twists
reduced training for clubs, more intimate events and weddings.

Band formation:

Stefano Borghi – voice
Marina De Pizzol – voice
Bruno Piazza – sax and keyboards
Simone Rozza – guitar
Federica Baraldi – voice
Lucio Pozzoli – drums