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Stefano Villani

Stefano Villani was born in Rimini and began to discover music thanks to his father Angelo, rithm ‘n’ blues and soul singer. An approach that is not difficult thanks to his natural musicality that sees him engaged in study and performances from an early age. In the family also his uncle, GIANNI MOLIGNONI, had ten years of success with the KING’S STARS of which he was the front-man and with whom he wrote a 33 rpm entitled UNA NOTTE AL PARADISO CLUB.

Stefano began at the age of 16 to perform live shows with numerous bands and many collaborations including the most significant with Lucio Dalla on the BlueRimini stage. In 2006 he participated in the FRIENDS OF MARIA DE FILIPPI program for three months as a singer and afterwards in numerous tour dates throughout Italy with various management and entertainment agencies. In 2014 he reached a beautiful milestone and that is to arrive at THE VOICE and be able to participate in a duet with his father. As a house performer he started from the most important discos in Riccione such as PETERPAN, VILLA DELLE ROSE AND PRINCE. From Riccione the nights as performers arrive all over Italy in Belgium in France and many other clubs known as Malè (Puglia) Papeete (mi.ma) and many others.

Now in release IN MY SOUL produced by Marcello Sutera COLLETTIVO FUNK. The song is written by Stefano Villani and Gianluca Fellini, Stefano’s close friend and director from Rimini who lives in Bali Indonesia and arranged by the well-known Rimini DJ producer FRANCESCO MAMI. Song that expresses how each person faces and reacts to certain changes in life and how to experience certain sensations that are not always easy to deal with.



– Solo: acoustic pieces with guitar or vocals on backing tracks
– Formations from duo to quintet with a repertoire ranging from jazz to pop according to the type of evening and formation chosen

Available for corporate events, New Year’s Eve, etc.