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The Bowies – Tribute Band di David Bowie




A show dedicated to the great White Duke, or David Bowie.

A sort of “sound and vision” that combines the magic of Bowie’s sound with the vision art of videos projected during the show, which retrace his career through different styles and musical eras, from the beginnings of “Space oddity” and “Ziggy Stardust. ”, Passing to“ Scary monsters ”and“ Ashes to ashes ”. Then the dance period with “Modern love” and “Let’s dance”, the Berlin moment with “Heroes” and other unforgettable songs.

An unforgettable show, not to be missed, with the greatest hits of the great David Bowie.


Beppe Baracca – voice
Gianluca Schiavon – drums
Elisa Garbo – guitar
Denis Borgatti – piano and keyboards
Diego Quarantotto – bass
Virginia Smith – chorister
Claudio Malaguti – guitar
Enrico Lorenzini – piano and keyboards