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From architect to music manager: I’ll tell you how I did it


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Music Manager: how I believed in change

I am a music manager and recently I gave an interview to a well-known weekly magazine in the Milanese hinterland.

In this interview I told how my great professional change happened and how I never stopped believing in my dreams and my abilities.

The agency that I have been managing for over five years and that carries my name is specialized in organizing live music and DJ sets for clubs, weddings, company conventions, ceremonies, public events and public and private parties.

We organize concerts in Milan and throughout Italy, based on the indications of our partners, identifying the most suitable musical genres for the event and engaging the best artists and bands.

The music we promote is of a high level, and covers the various musical genres: jazz, pop, rock, swing, rithmn blues, funk, Cuban, country, beat and DJ Set, to satisfy all needs. All the artists of the agency are high-level professionals, with numerous awards, and work both in Italy and abroad

We are leaders in business music management and we also operate in the theatrical field.

In these five years we have moved from organizing concerts in pubs and restaurants to major projects such as the very recent event in the context of Estate Sforzesca.

Before Gerli Music Management

Before directing the Gerli Music Management agency I did, for many years, the architect and I must say that I obtained great satisfaction and managed very important projects.

However, I never stopped thinking about one of my great passions: music.

I’ve been cultivating this passion since I was little. However, my parents, believing that musical studies would not guarantee me a sufficient basic culture, pushed me to follow a path linked to the fine arts.

But I never stopped loving music and dreaming of a job in this area.

And so, 5 years ago, after meeting the artist Giordano Cambogi and the first guitar lessons, I decided to take the leap and turn my passion into a job.

Talent, in addition to passion

I knew that passion and motivation would not be enough, but fortunately I could count on another gift: the ability to manage relationships and organize events, depending on the needs and requests.

This is a fundamental aspect of my work, which has the same importance as collaboration with serious and talented artists.

And the facts confirm this statement: in the last 5 years the quantity and quality of the events organized has increased dramatically.

One of the most recent concerts, a success that exceeded all my expectations, was that of Dandy and Le beasts, the former Skiantos band that boasts many fans throughout Italy.

The event was held within the Rassegna Estate Sforzesca, an event in which I also brought other artists, such as the ensable Ekundayo Art Project.

The results were really excellent, but behind it are organization, sacrifice and great determination.

I love music and I want this passion to be visible even through my concerts.