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Phase 2 in the entertainment world


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From 15 June even the world of entertainment and live music can resume their activities, after the long interruption caused by the Covid pandemic19
The Relaunch Decree of 19 May establishes it, together with a series of specific measures for the sector of reference and certainly very restrictive.

The conditions for the restart

The relaunch decree provides for 13 points to be observed in order to restart the show activities, live music and concerts and concern various types of premises: cinema theaters, concert halls and of course pubs and restaurants with live music.
As you can easily imagine, the measures are very rigid, given that the activities in question, together with the sports ones, are among those that involve the greatest risk of gathering among people.
For this reason, despite the resumption possibilities, many live events remain suspended and have been postponed to 2021.
However, many smaller businesses remain, often associated with catering services, which suffered a lot during the closure and which now want to return to normal as soon as possible.
The conditions for restarting came into force on 15 June and are currently valid until 31 July 2020.

Spacing measures

As with all production activities, it is also provided in this case that customers and staff maintain appropriate distances (at least 1 meter and a half). For this reason, the seats are assigned and appropriately spaced.
Even the artists will have to observe the meter and a half away.
Customers will not be able to gather near the stage, but always keep their place at the table.
The premises will have a new maximum capacity based on the size and ability to use, or not, outdoor spaces.

Safety devices

At the entrance of the room, the temperature of customers and all workers will be measured, and access will not be allowed to those with a temperature above 37.5 degrees.
The use of the mask is mandatory, which can be temporarily removed by customers sitting at the tables of the bar or restaurant. Gels and systems for hand disinfection must be made available to customers, especially at the entrance or at the cash desks.

Live music in small clubs

These measures can be more easily respected by clubs such as restaurants and bars, while they are difficult to apply for large live events which, in fact, have been canceled until 2021.
The entertainment sector thus suffers one of the most serious blows inflicted by this crisis and operators are already making some requests for protection from the government.
Fortunately, small live concerts remain in bars and restaurants which, thanks to smaller spaces and the protection offered by seats at the table, can offer live shows and somehow save the summer season.

A business that has stopped

The world of musicians has never stopped in these months. The premises were closed, but many artists took inspiration from the historical moment to conceive and create pieces that we will listen to for a long time.
While the stars and the great event organizers postponed the concerts to 2021 and beyond, many artists of the Italian music scene have produced and marketed a lot of music, which we listened to but also could see, thanks to the streaming concerts and the music platforms.
An example among all? The First May Day concert, a mosaic of exceptional contributions, so as not to skip such an important tradition in any way.
And us? In our team Michele Mirenna and Ritmo Tribale have launched their new albums in full lockdown, giving their fans moments of excellent music and a little comfort in such a difficult moment.