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The events of Gerli Music Management at the Estate Sforzesca seen with the eye of tuttorock.net


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Tuttorock.net the music magazine

The digital magazine Tuttorock.net has recently published a very interesting review dedicated to the concert of 31 July organized by erli Music Management as part of the review “Estate Sforzesca 2019”.

The evening was attended by artists of great fame who need no introduction: Dandy and the Beasts, Omar Pedrini, Crying Steel.

t was the second event organized by Gerli Music Management at the Sforza Estate: the first was held on June 15th with the Latin jazz ensemble Eykundayo.

Dandy & Co. at Castello Sforzesco

The courtyard of the Castello Sforzesco, in the lights of the summer night, exudes an indescribable charm.

A spectacular setting that hosts the Estate Sforzesca event, dedicated to a series of prestigious musical evenings.

And in the evening of July 31, here are three representatives of the best Italian rock on stage.

First Crying Steel performs, then Dandy and the Beasts, ex Skiantos and finally, special guest, Omar Pedrini

This last former leader of Timoria, who writes and interprets music, as well as writing books and conducting programs.

Gerli Music Management and her leader

Tuttorock then tells how was the meeting with Roberta Gerli, founder of the music agency of the same name.

“Meeting Roberta Gerli, from GerliMusicManagement, was pleasant and enlightening,” write Tuttrock colleagues!

From the chat with Roberta, in fact, the strategy of the agency has emerged very well: to make different musical genres coexist in order to meet the interest of different audiences.

With Roberta we talk about the passion for rock, which tends to be more widespread among the over 40s and less – unfortunately – among young people.

In fact, one of Roberta’s goals is to find rock proposals that also attract young audiences.