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Lynda Choice

Linda Giorgia Ambrosino, aka LynDa.Choice, is a Milanese singer-songwriter and musician, the “black voice” Made in Italy. He entered the field of music as a child, at the age of nine, starting to study singing and classical guitar and from that moment on he could no longer separate himself from it.
His first album, with the pseudonym of Teodolynda, is titled “Mosaiko”, and is an assemblage of autobiographical life pieces, excerpts of love, social problems, values, tradition, pop / rock / blues atmospheres /soul.

In the early 90s the beginning of the long artistic adventure in the 70’s funky-disco band “The Choice” as a front woman, founded by Stefano Fara and Marco Pepe, band, to date, still active, specializing in live shows for big events in Italy and abroad. Then the magical encounter with the La Bionda brothers, champions of Disco Music in Italy, with whom the Band will record the vinyl “Hot summer night (Saturday night)” on behalf of Da Choice (Logic Studios). Absorbing over time the influences of American black-music (Motown), last September the project “Closer (LynDa. Choice)” comes to life – a collection with ten tracks of original songs with a Nu Soul / R&B / Disco flavor written together with Marco Pepe and Stefano Fara, which fully respects the typical sounds of the seventies period.

A plunge into the past, never forgotten, re-proposed today and projected towards the future.