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“Aspettando Sanremo 2021” together with Radioactive20068

“Aspettando Sanremo” the new appointment of Radioactive20068 From Tuesday 3 March to Saturday 6 March every evening from 8 pm to 9 pm it will be broadcast live on www.radioactive20068.it “ASPETTANDO SANREMO 2021”.We will comment on the events, the singers, the clothes, the gossip, we will reveal the previews and we will listen to the […]

In stato di Grazia: the first theatrical production of GerliMusic

In stato di Grazia, monologue of Tobia Rossi with Margò Volo On Thursday 8 July 2021 at 8.30 pm the first theatrical show produced by GerliMusic Production, In stato di Grazia, will be staged “. In stato di Grazia is a monologue by Tobia Rossi written for Margò Volo. Directed by Chiara Valli and Tobia […]

Giardini di Pietra Project: the new song |LATO BLU|

| LATO BLU | the new piece from the Giardini di Pietra |LATO BLU|It is the brand new track of the Giardini di Pietra Project. It is a piece written after a journey in the mirror, seasoned with liquid atmospheres and with words that refer to “a flower that is no longer afraid of the […]

“Pietre” (stones) and the judgement of the others

On October 23, the video for “Pietre”, the latest single by the Italian singer-songwriter Lucia Lombardo, was released.The video was presented under the Bagana Records label and can be seen on the official Youtube channels of Bagana Records, Lucia Lombardo and Gerli Music Management, the music agency that is following it. Lucia Lombardo’s biography and […]

Anyone can become an artist with the “Open Stage” project

Open Stage, the stage suitable for everyone On September 26th the brand new “Open Stage” project was inaugurated in Pioltello (Milan), as a world preview: a complete, well-equipped, smart stage for everyone.What does this jewel that will revolutionize the way of making music look like?Open Stage looks like a small “mushroom, the size of a […]

Let’s meet in summer Sforzesca: July 31, 2020: save the date!

Despite the long period of the lockdown, we are slowly witnessing the recovery of a gradual normality, also made up of light-heartedness and fun.The usual event of the Estate Sforzesca also returns, and it will cheer the Milanese people, and beyond, for three long months of good music and entertainment.. Discover the unforgettable Estate Sforzesca […]

Between music and pandemia

The beginning of the year 2020 was characterized by the massive frequency of infections (and subsequently deaths) by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes a particular syndrome called COVID-19.Because of this, the governments of the hardest hit nations have ordered more or less restrictive measures regarding home confinement and quarantine.This far from simple period inspired two […]

Artisti in Radio: discover the latest news

The collaboration of Gerli Music Management and Radio Active 20068 Roberta Gerli has just landed on Radio Active 20068 with her program called “Artists on radio”. Roberta is the founder of Gerli Music Management, an agency that promotes very varied music and ranges over different genres such as jazz, pop, rock, DJ sets, etc. Precisely […]