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Ilaria Deangelis

    Ilaria was born in Spoleto, the city of the Festival dei 2 Mondi and where her curiosity for music and theater began. At 16, chosen by Radio 101, she recorded the compilation “Il mondo è la mia città” and toured all of Italy with the “Clio on tour”, produced by Renault and Radio […]

Max Pisu

MAX PISU IN “UNSTABLE AFFECTS” IN THEATER The restrictions that the theater sector will have to face next season will most likely force the theaters themselves, unfortunately, to renounce the programming of more economically “demanding” shows. Shows that would have seen during the entire season even the same Max engaged with two comedies that in […]

Alex De Santis

  In 2012 he took part in the Colorado broadcast with the character of Maestro Cristian Catenato, an employee of the stage who was able to desecrate any artistic virtuosity with his simplicity. In 2005 he founded the comic group “The Snails”, together with Marco Bazzoni, Marzio Rossi and Carlo della Santa. Teamwork allows all […]